[NEW POST] Starbucks – A New Sweet and Fresh Menu

Strawberry atau Stoberi adalah satu dari beberapa jenis buah yang biasa dijadikan varian rasa makanan atau minuman. Hampir kebanyakan dari perpaduan jenis makanan dengan buah strawberry ini bisa diterima oleh lidah orang Indonesia. Nah, namun apa jadinya ya kalau ‘Strawberry Cheese Cake’ dijadikan minuman blended?

Well, tadaa… Starbucks didi it and we loved it so much!



Honestly, I am not the person who wanna try the ‘weird’ or ‘unique’ food or drinks. But Daniel said that I should tried one if the taste does not good he will handle it. I really grateful to have him. LOL! Hm, the good news is if you buy ‘Strawberry Cheese Cake’ with any size using Starbucks Card, you’ll get one Ice Blend Mocca with the same size for free. Happiness! :p

The Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino is a swirly celebration of a beloved dessert. A delightful combination of vanilla and strawberry sauce topped with crunchy graham cookie crumble and indulgent cheesecake-inspired whipped cream. The taste very fresh, sweet and creamy. The crispy topping make it more delicious and mouth watering nom nom. Very unique taste and creative inspiration. I really recommended this beverage especially for Summer Friend. But if you in weight-maintenance program, you can ask the barista do not put whipped cream and buy the tall size.

When I write this review, I still think about the taste about this one. Hmmmm…. Well, LiBi also take a selfie with his favorite drinks. At least for now. Tee hee.

Little Biters with his beloved frappucino

Little Biters with his beloved Frappucino


LIBI selfie :p

Cheers and keep hungry,



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