[Cafe Review] Best Spot for Chit Chat with Average Taste Food

 Hello again, Biters! Long time no share any story for you.

There’s too many Kopitiam in this Jakarta City which usually offer the same menu. One of them is Killiney Kopitiam at Kemang Village. They have very comfort environment and warm feeling atmosphere. I guess more comfort than other Kopitiam I ever visited. This was my 1st reason why I choose this for meeting with my client. Other reason? My friends and I falling in love with Dinosaurs Milo, the Iced Milo with piles of Milo Powder on top. Unfortunately, we cannot found this delicacy beverage on Killiney. Their Waitress suggested Jumbo Iced Milo and claim it similar taste with Dinosaurs Milo even thought they has totally different taste and looks. Well, we ordered Jumbo Iced Milo (suggested by their waitress who said that same like dino milo but its not), hot milo O, lychee iced tea and Cheese Choco Fried Banana.

 Path 2014-10-30 19_14

Lets review it one by one starts from Jumbo Iced Milo. It presented by very tall glass with diameter around 15cm. Honestly, my bad I forgot its named exactly but if you ask the waitress for Dino Milo or tell what dino milo is she will suggest you this one. I already said to her do not put much sugar on it and finally the taste wow! It still very sweet for me and I did not recommend this one.
What’s in your head when hear about Milo O? Less sugar? Original? Little bit bitter? Well, it’s not. Unfortunately, I thought we can make better taste hot milo with 3 in 1 Milo Sachet. Speechless! Again, the taste very sweet and isn’t hot anymore.
For the snack, I ordered Fried Banana with cheese-choco topping. Yes! Finally, I found more humane taste. Not very sweet and I love the crisp. Last but not least, I also ordered Iced Lychee Tea for my colleague. She love lychee tea so bad and she said the lychee taste so good but not for the tea. Very sweet.
My conclusion is I loved their environment, very calm but not for their snack and beverage. For me, their offer quite expensive price for average taste food.  It just my opinion.  Sure, I think Killiney definitely have delicacy menu which I have not try.
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Killiney Kopitiam
Kemang Village (Lippo Mall)
The Avenue of Stars
Lantai Upper Ground
Jl. Pangeran Antasari, Kemang, Jakarta



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