Craving a cookies or Nastar for tea time? We have a good news for all sweet tooth and cookies junkies. We tried B’Cake which made by love and we really in love with it.

How if I describe what is nastar before the review? I cannot found the real history behind it but Wikipedia says that ‘Nastar’ come from Dutch Language,  “Ananas/ nanas” and “Taart/tart/pie”. Dutch love pie or Europe tart that usually use Apple or Blueberry but in that time both was very rare, therefore pineapple used as substitute. Now a days, in Indonesia, Nastar become famous mini cake that you’ll be found in every occasions such as Chinese New Year or Lebaran. Nevertheless nastar can be categorized as pie that is easy and hard to be made.

Nastar from B’Cake is one of most beautiful and also delicious pie  I ever eat. Well my grandma also can make delicious nastar but she cannot retain its beauty form. I really recommend this cake supplier. You give it as your Christmas parcel or tea-time companion.


Haha you should try by yourself. Please contact me for B’Cake contact person. For sure its not an advertisement haha.. :p



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