Hello! Welcome to Dantebites Story,  a Food and Travel blog based in Jakarta – Indonesia. The team who treated this blog are Monica Stevany and Daniel Sebastian. Yes! This is our e-diary,  based on our experienced and you can access it for free here. We love to share everything, our food or cooking, travel experience, art portfolio as well as all of our thought here. We try hard to post in two language, Bahasa Indonesia and English. We start from nothing and hope will be something one day.


DANTE was an acronym from our name, DAN from DANiel and TE from sTEvany.  As programmer  Daniel Sebastian responsible to develop Dantebitestory.wordpress.com (hope it can be change to Dantebitestory.com as soon as possible). He also contribute his article or review to this blog. Do not forget almost all photos on this blog was taken by his device and sometimes he become a photographer too. Me, Monica Stevany is the writer, designer and photographer of Dantebitestory.wordpress.com. Yeah, we are a newbie blogger therefore if you any great suggestion/place to go, please do not hesitate to leave a comment on our blog or social.


Starting from a reading penchant all kinds of books, made Monic fell in love with writing. He started writing short stories since the age of 12 years (but its not go public till now :p) and begin her first blog at 2009.  In the other hands, she also love fashion, cooking, food and also photography. Yeah, she is the sweet tooth. She love chocolate, ice cream and of course cake cake cake ❤ as well as she love capture them and post it to her Instagram Account. On 2013, she tried become more serious and focus to build her blog (hellomonicast.wordpress.com) and now with Daniel helps Dantebites Story was made. They write a review based on their experienced and opinions. They like to hunting food, traveling and watching movie together. Therefore maybe someday you’ll be found the review of a movie. 🙂


Hello, partner! Dantebites Story always ‘hungry’ to create a review. Please contact us on dantebitestory@outlook.com


We still under construction but you can keep updated and follow us on;

Instagram : @monicastevany & @danielsebastian_


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