[Cafe Review] Best Spot for Chit Chat with Average Taste Food

 Hello again, Biters! Long time no share any story for you.

There’s too many Kopitiam in this Jakarta City which usually offer the same menu. One of them is Killiney Kopitiam at Kemang Village. They have very comfort environment and warm feeling atmosphere. I guess more comfort than other Kopitiam I ever visited. This was my 1st reason why I choose this for meeting with my client. Other reason? My friends and I falling in love with Dinosaurs Milo, the Iced Milo with piles of Milo Powder on top. Unfortunately, we cannot found this delicacy beverage on Killiney. Their Waitress suggested Jumbo Iced Milo and claim it similar taste with Dinosaurs Milo even thought they has totally different taste and looks. Well, we ordered Jumbo Iced Milo (suggested by their waitress who said that same like dino milo but its not), hot milo O, lychee iced tea and Cheese Choco Fried Banana.

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Craving a cookies or Nastar for tea time? We have a good news for all sweet tooth and cookies junkies. We tried B’Cake which made by love and we really in love with it.

How if I describe what is nastar before the review? I cannot found the real history behind it but Wikipedia says that ‘Nastar’ come from Dutch Language,  “Ananas/ nanas” and “Taart/tart/pie”. Dutch love pie or Europe tart that usually use Apple or Blueberry but in that time both was very rare, therefore pineapple used as substitute. Now a days, in Indonesia, Nastar become famous mini cake that you’ll be found in every occasions such as Chinese New Year or Lebaran. Nevertheless nastar can be categorized as pie that is easy and hard to be made.

Nastar from B’Cake is one of most beautiful and also delicious pie  I ever eat. Well my grandma also can make delicious nastar but she cannot retain its beauty form. I really recommend this cake supplier. You give it as your Christmas parcel or tea-time companion.


Haha you should try by yourself. Please contact me for B’Cake contact person. For sure its not an advertisement haha.. :p


[GREETINGS] Happy 6th Month Anniversary

Happy 6th Month Anniversary

Happy 6th Month Anniversary

Hello Biters,

Dantebites proudly announce that DANTEBITESTORY celebrate 6th month anniversary. Thank you for your kind support and hope we can share more interesting, unique and informative story.  There must be the story behind every design. This one has a story too. Want to know ? See the story from the creator on  http://wp.me/p3OkRd-cN




[NEW POST] Starbucks – A New Sweet and Fresh Menu

Strawberry atau Stoberi adalah satu dari beberapa jenis buah yang biasa dijadikan varian rasa makanan atau minuman. Hampir kebanyakan dari perpaduan jenis makanan dengan buah strawberry ini bisa diterima oleh lidah orang Indonesia. Nah, namun apa jadinya ya kalau ‘Strawberry Cheese Cake’ dijadikan minuman blended?

Well, tadaa… Starbucks didi it and we loved it so much!



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[CAFEREVIEW] Herb and Spices – Bandung

Hello biters,

Do you hungry? Yeah, you should be. Tee hee.

Well on May 2014, we went to Bandung just for little escape. Stay at Cottonwood – Bandung (see the review on http://wp.me/p4EUdp-1k ) I found this cafe accidentally when we want to buy some cake at Primarasa – Bandung. This cafe located at level 2 and 3. Let’s started!

Happiness come when you eat the delicious food, right? Yeah same like us. Honestly we did not in the good mood and condition. But we still in mood for food hunting haha.  I love the interior from this cafe. Let’s review it together, biters.


Herb and Spice signage

Herb and Spice Signage

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